Covid-19 Policies & Procedures



  • MANDATORY: You will receive our new COVID-19 Patient Questionnaire and Consent form via Jane and this must be complete prior to your first appointment after May 19th. You will also be screened again on arrival. Feel free to check out this link: or download the Screening App.
  • Arrive on time for your appointment:
  • If you arrive at our building early, wait in your car until your appointment time
  • If you arrive late, note that it will not be possible for us to extend your treatment time under any circumstances
  • Bring your own non-medical mask, either cloth or disposable. This is to be applied as soon as you enter our clinic and is to be worn for the full duration of your time with us. If you forgot I will have cloth masks you can use during the session and then drop in the laundry bin at the exit.
  • Do not bring any unnecessary personal belongings to your appointment
  • Use the washroom at home prior to your appointment if possible. The washroom in our space for will be for emergencies only
  • Apply hand sanitizer, located in the waiting room, immediately upon arrival to the clinic, and again before leaving the clinic
  • Attend your appointment alone. Exceptions: a guardian of a minor patient, or a patient who requires the assistance of another. In these cases, you must advise our clinic before your appointment. This additional person is subject to our patient policies, including completion of the COVID-19 Patient Information and Consent form prior to the appointment.
  • To minimize time spent in our waiting area, all possible information will be collected online from you prior to your appointment. Examples include: New Patient Intake form - please complete this online along with with COVID-19 Patient Questionnaire and Consent form.
  • We want to make payments as contactless as possible, hence: We are not accepting cash payments. We are encouraging patients to pay for their visit online through Jane or via e-transfer to
  • Patients will be encouraged to rebook appointments online or by phone rather than in clinic
  • If an in-clinic appointment is required for an older patient or patient with a chronic illness or immuno-compromised, efforts will be made to schedule their appointment first thing in the morning or at the beginning of the therapist’s shift
  • I will limit the use of some equipment such as therabands which are more difficult to clean and will provide band to patients with the option to buy other equipment they may need for home exercises. I have also purchased vinyl foot/hand loops for the pilates reformer that can be adequately cleaned between patients.
  • Patients may not attend the clinic if any of the following apply:
  • You have a fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or painful swallowing
  • You have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  • You have COVID-19 or you have been in close contact with a person with probable or confirmed COVID-19 in the past 14 days
  • From the BC CDC: “Patients with symptoms of common cold, influenza… should only be seen if by not doing so, they would experience undue harm or injury. Otherwise, services for the patient/clients should be delayed until 10 days from the onset of symptoms AND until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.”




  • I will be wearing a surgical/ procedural mask for your treatment and gloves and eye protection if necessary depending on the patient need and desire for safety
  • I have chosen to wear scrubs for the next few months so I can keep work clothing separate from outdoor clothing and will change on arrival and departure each day.
  • There will be 15 minutes between patients to ensure the space is santizied appropriately and all the surfaces and equipment have been cleaned.
  • I will be cleaning regularly throughout my shift with a hospital grade disinfectant recognized by Health Canada to disinfect COVID (BioText, ES 15 & Caviwipes). I have tried to find one of the more bio friendly products that also contains some natural products in it as well so it won't destroy all of my equipment.
  • I will follow strict "Hand Washing Protocol" before and after each client and after cleaning as well.
  • I will not come to work if I am sick and ask that you do the same. I will also perform the COVID 19 screening prior to each shift.
  • I plan to continue offering TeleRehabilitation in additional to in-person visits in order to accommodate those who are either unable to come in-person or do not feel comfortable.




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